Client From:

United States

App Name:

  • Au Pair 360

App Slogan:

  • Navigate your journey

Main Color:

  • Purple

Modules/Onboarding pages

  • Find a pre-match.
    • Experience your best match by pre-matching with au pairs and host families from various agencies.
  • Rate your agency.
    • Express yourself and help others by rating your au pair agency.
  • Join the community.
    • Expand your network and get connected with others in the program, for friendships, conversations, support and more.
  • Understand the program
    • If you’re looking for information to help make the most of your experience in the au pair program, you can find answers in our extensive blog library.
  • Shop for lifestyle

Target audience:

  • 90% women, 10% men
  • Ages 18-26
  • Residents of countries outside the U.S. (mostly Europe and South America)
  • Living in the U.S. for a cultural exchange and child care program
  • Living with American family
  • Fashion-conscious
  • Enjoys traveling
  • Socially aware

About us:

Our mission is to establish AP360 as a leader for information, community, and pre-matching services, while promoting the au pair program as a leading option for in-home childcare and cultural exchange.

What is an au pair?

  • Is male or female, age 18 – 26
  • Living in U.S. on a J-1 visa
  • Has full driver license
  • Enjoys caring for children
  • Has at least 200 hours recent, non-family, practical childcare experience
  • Has secondary school graduate or equivalent
  • Speaks English to a good standard
  • Wants to spend 12 – 24 months living with an American family 
  • Has no spouse or dependents

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